Saint Gobain Glass

About this Project

In 2006, St Gobain Glass were presented by the then MP, David Cameron with the ‘Business Commitment to the Environment’ award, given in recognition of the plant’s innovative flat glass cullet recycling scheme. The scheme sees Saint-Gobain Glass collecting and recycling its customers’ cullet, lowering the company’s consumption of raw materials by almost a quarter and reducing the energy consumption at the site by eight per cent.

Saint-Gobain Glass UK in Yorkshire is a market leading manufacturing facility and has been recognized throughout the years for its dedication to reducing its environmental impact, an issue that is becoming increasingly important in the industry and society as a whole.

Saint-Gobain Glass is committed to developing innovative products and solutions for a more sustainable future and their float glass plant is a prime example of how the continual investment in cutting edge technology is enabling them to produce the most environmentally friendly products available on the market today.

As part of this innovation Gary Barber of Saint Gobain kindly asked us to get involved with a project he has been working on.

Gary`s idea was to further develop a proto-type machine that removes glass from double glazed units, not only removing the frames but also breaks the glass in order for that to be re-worked back through their manufacturing process.

This not only keeps the glass cullet from landfill but also improves the impact on the furnace efficiency as this decreases the energy needed to melt cullet as opposed to sand which is the normal material used.



After analysing Gary’s proto-type design Concept’s engineers built a robust solution which met the standards and specification required. It was designed to improve efficiency with good results from the percentage of cullet that is created.


We have now gone onto build a second unit for the company`s French counterpart. The French machine comes complete with visual aids and also a generator to use in remote areas.

We have also now developed a simplified version of the Glass breaker with a manual feed system. This works for Saint Gobain`s customers who has less recycling material coming through.

All Machines come compete with manuals and C/E marking.


Saint Gobain Glass is a world leader in the manufacture of float glass.

Concept Engineering were given the brief to build a new designed Glass Breaking Machine to fall into line with our commitment to improve the company`s environmental footprint.

The process requires us to remove as much glass from post-consumer double glazed units in order for us to re-use this material back into our process.

We required a well-built machine in order to achieve this.

Concept Engineering provided a robust solution in the agreed lead time. We are more than satisfied with the outcome and the improve percentage of cullet we are now getting.

This has come about from the additions that Concept have added to our design. We are delighted with the results.

We have since worked with them on a smaller version of the Glass breaker and I am sure we will be placing more orders with them on this and other projects soon.

Gary Barber
Hot end manager
Saint Gobain Glass UK Ltd.