Kingspan Access Floors

About this Project


Kingspan is the world’s leading provider of raised flooring solutions. Its fully automated manufacturing facility in Hull is capable of producing more than 170,000 floor panels a week.

The company required a bespoke spot welding system for a hot adhesive line producing high end faced panels.
The process required positioning of sheet steel blanks to chipboard panels after the application of a high grab adhesive.
A high level of accuracy was essential as the process would not accommodate even the slightest misalignment of components.


    After analysing the production system Concept’s engineers designed and built a robust solution which met the standards and specification required. It was designed to provide a range of flexibility in product sizes and improve efficiency.



    Ian Gillyon, Maintenance Manager for Kingspan, said: “Concept Engineering provided a solution which accommodated a range of product size variations, satisfied the process requirements and achieved a reduction in cycle rate. We are delighted with the results.”